Redfield Photography | About
Redfield Photography is equal parts John Awad and Marisa Rebecca, with a good bit of our talented friend Zach Teris mixed in.

Above all else, we love what we do. We love exploring new places, making new friends, and collaborating with you to tell your story. We take our job very seriously and we have just about the best time ever doing it.

We live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with our beautiful and majestic cat; Ms. Beans. When we're not behind the camera or computer, we're most likely dining wherever Anthony Bourdain tells us to, planning our next trip or watching bad (like Sabrina the Teenage Witch bad) sitcoms.
Whether it's in a coffee shop, our living room, or over Skype, we'd love a chance to hear about your wedding plans and actually get to know you.
If you feel like we'd be a good fit, shoot us an email. We'd love to hear from you.